Orfield Anechoic Chamber

Photograph of Anechoic Chamber by Julian Walter


Group Perceptual Silence in "The Quietest Place on Earth"

Immerse yourself in complete silence and darkness for one hour during a session of Group Perceptual Silence. Each ticket entitles a visitor to 1 of 5 seats in Orfield's 12x10 suspended chamber, which is globally recognized as the quietest room in the world.

$75 per person | Register Here

For information about future group experiences and private group sessions, please email info@orfieldlabs.com


The Anechoic Experience

This is an opportunity for visitors to experience the Orfield Anechoic Chamber's therapeutic effects during a private, personalized session.

An anechoic chamber is defined as a room that is 99.99% absorbent of sound.  Orfield's chamber is an average of - 13dBA, with a global record of -24.9dBA. 

Cost: $400.00 per hour (limited-time discount from $600)

Schedule by emailing info@orfieldlabs.com

Standard Tour

Step into the expansive breadth of Orfield Laboratories Inc., the world's only independent, multi-sensory design research and consulting lab.  This 1.5 hour tour of the facility is designed to immerse visitors into the lab's specialty in the sciences of human perception as related to design, the historic Sound 80 Studios (“The World’s First Digital Recording Studio"  Guinness, 2004), and the Orfield Anechoic Chamber, which is recognized by Guinness as "The Quietest Place on Earth."  

Tour includes a 20-minute session in the Orfield Anechoic Chamber

Cost: $200 per person, with a 2 person minimum per tour (single visitors may be added to existing tours if available).

Schedule by emailing info@orfieldlabs.com

Meetings and Events

Orfield Labs can accommodate broad meeting and event types that last from a half to a full day, including Corporate, Business, Arts, and Personal.  Personalized to an event's needs and preferences, Orfield offers multiple formats, ranging from events facilitated by Orfield's staff, focusing on the lab's specialty in human perception and design, to a rental of the space and ambiance, fully facilitated by the event organizer.

Previous meetings and events have included:  Paramount Pictures, Cargill Foundation, Meeting Planners International (MPI), Minnesota Historical Society, Educational Seminars, Birthdays, Conferences, etc.  

Multi-Sensory and Cognitive Consultations

Many of our visitors are interested in going beyond their initial visit, to deal with issues that are specific to them.  Invisible disabilities are common among all populations, yet some of our visitors are more curious than others.  For those visitors we offer a personal consultation service that is intended to deal with their specific area of interest and concern.  

To schedule an appointment, please email emma@orfieldlabs.com.


Sound 80 Studios

Sound 80 Studios

Sound 80 Studios. Sound 80 Studios was founded in 1970 by Herb Pilhofer and Tom Jung, and in 1975, in collaboration with 3M, which had just invented multi-track digital recording, Sound 80 became the "World's First Digital Recording Studio".   Some of the artists that recorded at Sound 80 include Bob Dylan, Prince, Cat Stevens, Leo Kotttke, Lips Inc, Flim and the B.B.s, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and Dave Brubeck. Sound 80 was a client of Orfield Labs since 1975, and we provided acoustic and lighting consulting for them. In 1990, Steven Orfield bought the studio and moved Orfield Labs into our new research headquarters. In 1995, a large addition was added to create our NIST / NVLAP (Lab Code 200248) accredited acoustical lab.