Orfield Anechoic Chamber (Photo by Julian Walter)

Photograph of Anechoic Chamber by Julian Walter


Orfield Laboratories Brochure

Standard Tour

Experience the expansive breadth of Orfield Laboratories Inc. during a 1.5 hour immersive tour of the facility.  This tour is an overview of Orfield's multi-sensory labs, Sound 80 Studios (“The World’s First Digital Recording Studio"  Guinness, 2004), the Orfield Non-Profit Modern Art Gallery, and the Orfield Anechoic Chamber, which has gained international recognition as “The Quietest Place on Earth” (Guinness, 2004, 2012, 2021).  Designed to enlighten participants as to Orfield's specialty in human perception and their science-based approach to design, this experience personally immerses visitors in each area of human perception as they relate to design.  This tour includes a 20 minute session in the Orfield Anechoic Chamber.

Duration: 1.5 Hours | Cost: $200 per person, with a $400 minimum per tour.

Participants/Groups have the option to add an immersive session in the anechoic chamber for an additional $600/hr.

Tours can be focused as a result of specific interests.  To inquire, please contact info@orfieldlabs.com

The Anechoic Experience

We have witnessed many seeming miracles, some of which have explanations and some of which remain mysteries, as a result of time spent in our anechoic chamber.  We remain curious about the nature of the chamber's impact on all people, its therapeutic properties, and how it can influence human perception.  While anechoic chambers are traditionally used to study products, ours is becoming also about the people.  The Anechoic Experience is designed to be an opportunity to personally inquire about the chamber's therapeutic and spiritual effects.

Cost: $600.00 per hour

For more information about the tours and experiences that we offer, please email info@orfieldlabs.com


Orfield Labs also offers full blown corporate events that last from 1/2 day to a full day. This can be conferences that are tied to Orfield tours, or they can be full entertainment tours that introduce the history of Sound 80 Studios as well as the history of Orfield Labs and their work with sensory spatial and product development.  We did a fulll day program with Paramount Pictures, when they introduced the cable version of "A Quiet Place". They invited in the entertainment  press and the stars and composers for the picture, and interviews were scheduled in the anechoic chamber and in Studio 1, where Bob Dylan recording "Blood on the Tracks." These events and conferences can be scheduled from 1/2 day - multiple days,  with content to be determined by each company, and meetings can be interspersed with tours and historical sessions.  We can also cater meals and host wine and cheese parties.

Sound 80 Studios

Sound 80 Studios

Sound 80 Studios. Sound 80 Studios was founded in 1970 by Herb Pilhofer and Tom Jung, and in 1975, in collaboration with 3M, which had just invented multi-track digital recording, Sound 80 became the "World's First Digital Recording Studio".   Some of the artists that recorded at Sound 80 include Bob Dylan, Prince, Cat Stevens, Leo Kotttke, Lips Inc, Flim and the B.B.s, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and Dave Brubeck. Sound 80 was a client of Orfield Labs since 1975, and we provided acoustic and lighting consulting for them. In 1990, Steven Orfield bought the studio and moved Orfield Labs into our new research headquarters. In 1995, a large addition was added to create our NIST / NVLAP accredited acoustical lab.



by Emma G. Orfield Johnston