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Theory and Practice. We experience the world based on human perception and cognition, and perception and cognition are well researched fields in psychology, philosophy, neuropsychology, medicine, art, etc.. Yet the science of human perception and cognition are seldom used in formal design process, as designers and design schools do not teach these subjects as core issues in design. For over four decades, we have assisted clients in design, research and testing in the areas of human perception and cognition as they relate to user satisfaction.

Orfield Laboratories is the nation’s only multi-sensory independent design research laboratory, providing design, research and testing to the product development, architectural and research fields via the use of both objective and subjective measurement. Our orientation is to focus on perceptual comfort, cognitive clarity, satisfaction and preference as user experience benchmarks.

In architectural design, we assist in defining and measuring user needs and preferences, in development and execution of building performance standards, and in performing studies of occupancy quality and testing of subjective response to design programs.

In product design and development, we assist in defining and measuring user needs and preferences, characterizing possible product solutions, providing studies of subjective response to products and objectively testing of product performance.

We have provided consulting services across the United States and Canada, as well as to many clients in Europe and Asia.

The Quietest Place on Earth - Orfield Anechoic Chamber

The Quietest Place on Earth - Orfield Anechoic Chamber

Specialties. In architecture, we consult on many building types including offices, industrial, civic & government, schools, & higher education, healthcare, senior housing, hospitality, religious, multi-housing, retail, performing arts and sports. With a specialty in human perception and cognition, we approach each of these building types with a special focus on human comfort, performance and preference.  Many of our projects have been published in over 400 national articles about our firm and our work, and have been introduced in over 200 national seminars presented by our labs and other invited speakers.

We have a specialty in perceptual and cognitive disabilities, and their application to universal design. We have a strong interest in projects in the disability field, including aging, autism, mental illness, PTSD, SPD, ADHD, deafness, blindness, and we have in depth experience in senior housing and autism.

Orfield Labs - Lobby

Orfield Labs – Lobby

Philosophy. It is our belief that clients can do exceptional projects in normal budget ranges if the focus is on the user group and the budgets favor this focus. Our best clients really care about people and their needs, both practical and emotional.  Excellent projects are more about knowledge and the application of good and complex processes than about budgets.  Budgets must be highly oriented to user benefit and far less to spatial and product design.  We believe that aesthetics should be validated by user preference and user resonance (emotional response to subjective measurement).

Orfield Labs – Sound 80 Studios Recordings

Orfield Labs – Orfield and Sound 80 Display

Summary. Whether our clients are looking for single discipline consulting assistance or comprehensive research design and testing, the firm is a remarkable resource to add to the design team. Located in "Sound 80 Studios, The World's First Digital Recording Studio"(2006), as recognized by Guinness World Records, we have long ties to the recording industry, through Sound 80, our former client. And we have similarly long ties to the acoustic field through our Guinness World Record Anechoic Chamber, which was awarded records in 2005 and 2013 as the "Quietest Place on Earth", and is featured on the web on about 5000 sites at any time.